Based on her personal experiences with Environmentally Triggered Illness, Natalie Golos has written six books, notably the internationally acclaimed Coping With Your Allergies, If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Chicken, and Success in the Clean Bedroom. In addition to her experience as an English teacher, she has logged more than nine years of study in Bio-energy Therapies and 2500 hours of Continuing Medical Education in Environmental Medicine, preventative medicine, orthomolecular medicine, functional medicine and nutrition

For advanced students In Environmental Medicine and Biotherapy, Natalie has also written  Energy the Essence of Environmental  Health with her co-author Dr. Alan Vinitsky

At the request of many Environmental Medicine Physicians, this web site has been prepared as a lesson guide for novices in the fields of Environmental Medicine and Bioenergy Therapy.  Most importantly, this website serves as a guide for people with chronic illness (including survivors of the foreign wars, natural catastrophes like Katrina, and 9/11 -- to name just a few). For those interested in further study on the subject, there will also be excerpts of still valid information taken from Natalie's out-of-print books.  In addition, there will be references for further study from the book Energy The Essence of Environmental Health.

Notes and Acknowledgements:

I cannot take full credit for this website as it is the result of many years of hard work and devotion by my dear friends, colleagues, and patients in the field of Environmental Health. Much of the credit really goes to Dr. Eloise Kailin, who started a support group for her patients to educate them how to change their lifestyle to accommodate chemical sensitivity.

During the early years of my disability, to keep my mind actively functioning, I began recording everything I learned from pioneer patient groups, doctors and anyone who would share knowledge with our fledgling support group -- The Environmental Health Association.

This web site and the material in all of my books, lectures, and other writings are the result of sharing experiences.  I was learning even as I taught pioneer patient groups and doctors as we tried to find substitutions and procedures that were relatively safe in this very toxic world.  I was their spokesperson.

My intensive education in this field began from 1966 through 1969 when Dr. Kailin taught me everything I had to know about relatively safe living: food, clothing, furniture, fabrics , cleaning products, and personal products -- where to buy them -- how to prepare them -- how to use them.  When I couldn't find what I needed she taught me how to improvise and find relatively safe substitutes.   

My teaching in the field began in 1967. At my request, every new patient was given my telephone number, with instructions to call me for questions about environmental issues.  If I didn't know the answer, at the end of the day I would call Dr. Kailin for the answer and then would call the patient back.  The patients shared with me their own creative searches for substitutes, recipes, and exercises that helped them to improve their health.  So I was really learning as I was teaching.

With the help of the group, especially the late Dorothy Mathis and Jane Roller, this material formed the basis of my first book in 1969, entitled Manual for Those Sensitive to Foods, Drugs And Chemicals.  Today, we are fortunate to have computers to perform many of the formerly difficult, tedious and time-consuming writing and publishing tasks that were once done entirely by hand.   I am therefore especially indebted to Beth Kastanolis, who was responsible for the very tedious task of compiling the index in my second book, Management of Complex Allergies. All the proceeds from all my books have been spent on promoting Environmental Health.  I have never believed that the profit belonged to me but to all those who contributed in one way or another to the growth of Environmental Health.

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