Comparison of CBD and THC

CBD has come under further scrutiny and is a popular topic to be investigated.

While you can read through all these articles to find more information you are going to find many of the articles are compiled in this one article in a much more organized fashion. The examinations that have information about noteworthy conditions are put into alphabetical order for you to review.

THC is a class 1 drug in most states which makes it illegal to be produced and administered. Many synthetic cannabinoids that are being made by the pharmaceutical industry have been tested, but have not been able to pass phase 3 trials which would allow them to be produced for the public in the U.S.

Fox News has aired an interview with Ty Bollinger who was behind the series “The Quest for the Cures”. This highlighted the health benefits of CBD that was pulled from the hemp plant. The series explores causes of cancer and the treatments for cancer that are considered alternative medicine.

You are able to search through this list to see if your particular medical condition or any that you are interested in are on the list. If it is there will be a variety of links to multiple studies that were found on that topic.

One of the aspects that these articles discuss is how CBD and ECS work together. The ECS is the endocannabinoid system in our body. The ECS can be considered the portion of the body that helps regulate the state of balance the body is in. CBD uses the ECS to help foster healing in the body.

How Does CBD Work With the Body?

The reason that CBD works so well for many health problems is tied to the interactions with the body’s endocannabinoid, which was mentioned earlier. This also helps the body stimulate the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The body is helped by having homeostasis or a balance in the body. To find quality CBD products that are tested and proven, visit for more information and to purchase CBD products.

Contradicting Facts About Marijuana Effects

California became the first state in the United States to allow marijuana use for its residents, and after the prolonged debate on the issue, many other states in the country are also lining up for legalizing marijuana.

Identifying the medical benefits of cannabis, more than 18 states in the country and the District of Columbia, have already allowed pot use under their jurisdictions. Though the control measures on pot use and possession vary in different states, marijuana activists believe that decriminalizing pot is the right step to reduce drug-related crimes in the country.

Marijuana was initially prescribed to patients suffering from AIDS and cancer; however, today the drug is becoming popular for many diseases where alternative medications fail to provide ample relief. Studies show that marijuana helps to reduce nausea and increases hunger in AIDS and cancer patients, allowing them to eat healthy food that increases their quality of life. Marijuana is also considered to have painkilling attributes that benefit patients suffering from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and migraine.

Researchers have discovered that the main component of marijuana, Tetrahydrocannabinol, has positive effects on anxiety and social pain. It also lowers the blood sugar levels in glaucoma patients and reduces the risks of seizures associated with epilepsy. However, studies have also proved that marijuana is an addictive substance, and has harmful effects on brain functions. Though marijuana use relieves the situations of many severe conditions, it does not cure any of the diseases. Prolonged use of marijuana may lead to depression, euphoria, unusual changes in mood, and poor decision-making.

Studies have shown that marijuana gives the same amount of pain relief as observed with use of any over the counter medications. Furthermore, the level of pain relief attained with cannabis for those patients dealing with acute pain was found to be minimal when compared to codeine. Reports also say that there are many medicines, which include natural ingredients to provide sufficient pain relief and treat nausea

Though there are many medical benefits of cannabis, these incidents may result in drug abuse. Researchers are continuing in their efforts to conclude whether marijuana is safe enough to be made legal, or it should remain illegal as many alternative medicines work out to the same level.

Using natural remedies like ginger, which helps to suppress nausea, and Garcinia Cambogia, that enhances metabolism rate and stimulates appetite is far better than using marijuana.

Marijuana Seeds – Benefits And More

Often people have a flair for smoking quality stuff which transcends them to a new world where there are no tensions and worries and life is just an illusion. The monotonies and tensions of our hectic schedules are so taxing that they may drain out the life force from us and therefore people often find a resource in different flavored seeds. These seeds also have medical value and therefore are not harmful like the tobacco and nicotine present in the regular cigarettes. In many developed countries Marijuana seeds are used as drugs for various ailments too. According to myriads of medical and professional studies that have tested these seeds there is an ingredient in these seeds which is called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has medicinal and clinical properties that can cure many patients.

There are many studies that have actively concluded that Cannabis seeds can give relief to patients who suffer from spasticity and muscle pain especially in patients who are suffering from the illness of multiple sclerosis. Besides this, these seeds can also control their regular tremors. Many medical practitioners have debated the use and medicinal value of these seeds therefore many researchers have even published their studies, findings and conclusions so that these seeds can be awarded a legal status in different countries. The botanical name for the plant which gives the seeds is Cannabis sativa L and the plant prefers the temperate climate of different parts of America and other countries, regions like Asia, Africa and India to grow and yield a good quality. The name of the plant is closely related to the hemp family which is called Cannabaceae.

The plants which give these marijuana seeds have many useful and active parts which too have their medical value which includes the leaves, conifer stems, seeds, secretions and even the flowers of the plant. From the ancient times these marijuana seeds have been used in various primitive civilizations of Asia and Africa for their therapeutic value but it was in the beginning of the 20th century when the medical value of these seeds was recognized and appreciated in different parts of United States. After this discovery, these seeds were actively used in this continent too for its medical and commercial value.

According to various researches these seeds become very active against glaucoma, and also help in reducing the intraocular pressure. It also slows the degenerative process which if not stopped may finally lead to a condition of blindness. It is also well known for reducing discomfort and pain which may be caused due to different diseases of the body.